Log into Office 365 Online (Students, Staff and Faculty)

Before proceeding, please ensure you have read and understood the information provided in the About Office 365 for RRU Students, Staff and Faculty page.

To access Office 365

  • Go here:  https://www.office.com/

  • Your login is NOT your RRU email address

  • Type your Microsoft Office 365 username (RRUUsername@royalroads.ca) and your regular Computer Account (Academic Account) password (ie. Student with Academic Account username d1brown will enter d1brown@royalroads.ca, and enter their Moodle password)

  • Click on the Sign In button

Can I install the software?  The Apps?

Yes... at HOME!.  (Please do not install the software on Royal Roads computers)

You are allowed to install the full Microsoft Office application on up to 5 PCs and/or Mac plus up to 5 mobile phone plus up to 5 tablets.. 

Microsoft Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  The apps are free even tho the Microsoft Office 365 account page may imply differently.  We suggest you download the Office apps directly from the appropriate mobile app site.  (Search for Office 365.  If the apps want you to pay for them, then you are not selecting the right apps.  Only download the official Microsoft apps.)

Please choose the OneDrive for Business app not the regular "OneDrive" app.

When prompted in the application, enter in your Microsoft Office 365 username (RRUUsername@royalroads.ca) and RRU password.

That's it.  You are ready to go.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a space in the cloud, offered by Microsoft, similar to Dropbox, where you can store and share files.  Additional details here.

As RRU must abide by the laws set forth in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) so we are proud to announce our OneDrive server is Canadian based.

Should you wish to activate the Office 365 OneDrive with 1 terabyte of space, please select "OneDrive" in the menu and allow the OneDrive for Business to be configured.

Are there training materials available for Office 365?

Microsoft provides some training material that you might find quite useful.

I have forgotten my Password, what do I do now?

The account password is linked your RRU Computer Account (Academic Account).  Please follow these procedures to reset the password.


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