Install RRU Fonts

RRU has developed a brand that is recognized as a leader in education.  As such RRU encourages all staff to maintain this brand by trying to maintain the standards that we have developed.

One such standard is that RRU has a standard font that we use for all external marketing.  This font is not required for internal, everyday, correspondence, but is encouraged when developing outward facing documentation and handouts.  

The font is already installed on all RRU computers.  The font can be found in the font menu of all applications and it is called Auto1

Please Note: RRU Fonts are only licensed to be used by RRU Staff.

If you wish to install this font on non-RRU computers you must copy the font files from our server to your computer:

  • Located a copy of the fonts in the following directory - \\seraph\Communities\Staff\Brand Centre\public\RRU_Font
  • Copy the Auto 1 - file to a USB stick, email, or use a cloud drive like Dropbox.
  • On the target computer, copy the file onto your desktop
  • Double-click on the file to expand the file.  It should export the contents to another folder
  • For Mac users, open the _macOSX folder
    • Highlight all the files Auto 1 - UMT0000095 folder
    • Double-click on any of the highlighted files
    • Multiple "preview" windows will open.  In each preview window click the Install Font link.  It will install the font and close the window.
    • Repeat this step until all preview windows are closed.
    • The font is now installed and will show up as Auto 1 in your applications
  • For Windows users, you need to open two Windows Explorer windows side by side so you can see both windows completely
    • In one open the Auto 1 - UMT0000095 folder
    • In the other, navigate to the C:\Windows\Font folder
    • Highlight all the files Auto 1 - UMT0000095 folder
    • Single click and hold the click to drag the files from the Auto 1 folder into the C:\Windows\Font folder
    • Release the mouse button and the files should "install" into the Windows Font folder
    • The font is now installed and will show up as Auto 1 in your applications


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