Prepare to Graduate

Graduating from Royal Roads means becoming a member of an extraordinary community of alumni that spans more than six decades, and we want to congratulate you on your achievements as you near the completion of your program. Our alumni have achieved success both nationally and around the world, and we look forward to hearing about your accomplishments as you make the transition from Royal Roads student to alumni member.

With this transition comes changes in how you can stay connected to the friends you've made and the faculty who have inspired you in this journey. Our continued relationship is important to us and we value your involvement and opinions. Following completion of your last course, we invite you to take advantage of the communication channels open to our alumni. As you will lose access to library databases and other services approximately three months after your final class, we have created opportunities for our alumni members to connect in new ways.

Royal Roads Connect - Connect, Share, Learn and Grow

At Royal Roads, we understand that your desire to learn, connect, share and grow doesn’t stop at graduation. Royal Roads Connect is our online alumni engagement platform, where Royal Roads University graduates can reconnect with former classmates, learn about exclusive job opportunities and events, grow their network and advance their career in our global alumni community. Designed to provide support, connections, inspiration and lifelong learning, it will help our alumni take the power of our place, every place.

Staying Connected Through Social Media

Royal Roads alumni have a strong and active presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

MyAdmin Access

The MyAdmin website provides students and alumni convenient on-demand services such as official transcript requests, statement of grades, application to attend convocation and contact information updates. In order to access these services, you must have a MyAdmin account. The MyAdmin account is separate from your Academic Account used to access your RRU courses (Moodle) and e-mail during your program. While your RRU academic account will change after you complete your course, your MyAdmin account will not. Your MyAdmin account can be used to access an ever growing number of services on-line during and after your course work.

Academic Account (Moodle, WebSpace and Microsoft Office 365 subscription)

14 days after your degree has been conferred (on your convocation date), permissions on your academic account will change. You will no longer have access to:

  • library resources
  • webspace
  • MS Office 365
  • RRU email (the RRU email address will be removed)

Before your scheduled convocation day, you should save any information you want to keep from Moodle (See Saving your Coursework).  If you use the RRU webmail then please remember to save any email messages by forwarding them to your personal account. If you have your RRU email configured on a computer or mobile device, please remember to delete the account (after you saved your email) to prevent errors on your device once your account is closed.  For WebSpace, if you have a site that was created for you during your program, refer to Take Your WebSpace With You When You Graduate for information on how to export your content.  Your Microsoft Office 365 license will expire and you will no longer be able to edit documents.  Special note about Office 365 OneDrive: Any files stored locally will remain on your computer but access to files stored strictly in the cloud and synchronization between devices will stop.

Should you encounter any difficulties while saving any information you might like to keep from your student email, Moodle or WebSpace accounts, please don't hesitate to contact us (Computer Services) by phone, email or Online Request Form prior to account expiry date. After the expiry date the Computer Services Helpdesk has no options since your accounts are deleted.  Access to some information may be provided by your program associated, but email and other items will be gone and your files will be unrecoverable.

Library Access

Two (2) weeks after your degree has been conferred** or 30 days after the end date of your final course (which ever comes first), your academic account will no longer be able to access library resources.

But as an alumni, you are eligible for an alumni library card which allows you to borrow books from our print collection, either in person or we can mail them to you for a fee.

Generally speaking, the database licenses under which we provide access do not allow for alumni access. The publishers from whom we license our content typically strictly prohibit the use of our databases by anyone other than current students, staff, and faculty as the best way that they can limit database use for educational rather than commercial purposes. As alumni, the publishers instead would like you to subscribe to the commercial service, typically through your employer. An analogy of a similar model is the educational pricing vs. ‘regular’ pricing for various software which is also only available to you when you’re a university student.

There are other avenues that you can explore for accessing business information resources post-graduation. Most public libraries have a suite of online databases that you can access from home once you are set up with an account, and many of these databases are the same or similar to some of the ones you have used at RRU. You can also almost always use most university databases on a walk-in basis, which can be useful if you’re working on a special project. There are also paid for research services, such as Infoaction (at Vancouver Public Library), which is affordable for small businesses particularly, and you can write off the business expense and not have to do the research yourself that way too.

More information about alumni library service can be found here:

If you have questions about library services for alumni, please contact the Library.

**the date that your degree will be conferred will be provided to you upon completion of your program

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