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This page is for Credit Students

The SAM account is automatically created, when you apply to a program at RRU.  It is a permanent account that you will use at Royal Roads however some permissions might be limited depending on your state of enrollment (Applicant, Student, On Leave, Alumni). 

The username for your Sam Account is usually your first initial and your last name, but may contain a number in front of your last name. Example: dbrown or d4brown

Can I change my username and/or email account?

Your SAM account and password is independent of your MyAdmin username and password however the SAM Account can also be used on the MyAdmin site)

Your SAM Account is used to access:

SAM Account VS UPN Account

Sometimes you need to add to your SAM account.  This account is actually called your User Principle Name (or UPN).  It is really the same account, it just looks different. It will look like  It looks like an email address, but it is not used that way. It is used to log into some sites or applications that are managed by Microsoft Azure server. This can include Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, webmail (if accessible) and sites like the PCS Site

We try to be very clear on our websites when you need to use the UPN format (with the @royalroads,ca) by giving your an example.  If it just says "username" then it is in the SAM format (no  It is the same account and password, just the username is slightly different

Additional info on Office 365 can be found here.

Once you have Applied to be an RRU student, you will receive an email to Activate Your Computer Account, to the email address you provided upon registration. If you have not yet received such an email, please check the Junk Mail and/or SPAM folders in your email program first to ensure that it hasn't been improperly identified by your mail client.

If you cannot find your account activation information, please contact us.

I just activated my account but I still can't log into Credit Moodle!

Initially your SAM and UPN Accounts are created to give you access to services required to apply and check the status of your application. It also allows you to log into the PCS site to take pre-requisite courses.  

You will not have full access to all RRU resources (like Library, Credit Moodle and RRU email) until your application is accepted and you are Registered for a program.  

Make sure you are making the correct selection on the Moodle home page - the Current Credit Courses login:

How do I activate my RRU email account?

Once Registered for a program, you don't need to do anything to activate your RRU email account.  When your RRU SAM Account was created, your email account was created simultaneously but the account is disabled until you are accepted to a program.  By default we have enabled forwarding, so all email sent to your RRU email account is automatically forwarded to your personal email account.  

For more details on how email works at RRU, please check out this page.

What happens if I take a leave from my program?

While a full time credit student that goes On Leave: If you decide to go on leave, your RRU SAM Account will be disabled but continue to exist indefinitely. This means email will continue to forward, however you will be unable to use library resources, RRU student sites like Moodle, or Webmail.  Your Lifelong Learning (MyAdmin) account, however, functions as always.

Defer: If you ever decide to defer, your RRU SAM account will be disabled, but continue to exist for 30 days, after which it is deleted. This means email will continue to forward for 30 days, however you will be unable to use library resources, RRU student sites like Moodle or Webmail. Your RRU SAM account will be recreated before your return and it will have the same username and password as before.  Your Lifelong Learning account (MyAdmin), as always, will continue to functions as usual.

Whether on leave or deferred, you must contact the registrar to request your account be changed to active.  Once they make the change in their system, your account will be active again as of 6:30pm (Pacific Time Zone) that evening 

I have lost access to the library resources, Why?

Library access is tied to the end date of your courses.

If a student has 90 days between when their last course finishes and the next course starts, Library access is removed until 60 days before next course starts. Contact Computer Services to check in AD if the student has been added to rru.students.denyaccess

Library access is removed completely 30 days after your completion date, the end date of your final course. (This is not the same date that your degree will be conferred, therefore your library access may be removed prior to the conferred date or of the Convocation ceremony that you are eligible to attend).

This procedure is as per Library Student Services Access Policy on this page.  If you have questions about this policy you can contact the Library to discuss it further.

What happens to my SAM Account when I graduate?

  • 14 days after your convocation ceremony** your SAM Account you will lose access to Credit Moodle, Webmail and Office 365. Email will no longer be forwarded. The account is still active and can be used to log into PCS Moodle, PCS Registration site and MyAdmin only.
  • 14 days after your convocation ceremony** or 30 days after the end date of your final course or (whichever comes first) your library access is removed. Check out the Guide to RRU Library services for Alumni available here
  • Computer services cannot restore access to your account, even temporarily.  Please contact the Registrar's office if you have any questions.

What happens to my SAM Account if I am not in a graduate program?

  • Your library access expires on the card expire date in your goals.
  • Two (2) weeks after the official completion date of your course, your RRU SAM Account will be disabled and you will lose access to Moodle, Webmail and Office 365.  Email will no longer be forwarded.
  • The account is still active and can be used to log into PCS Moodle, PCS Registration site and MyAdmin only.
  • Please contact the Registrar to get these exact dates.

What if I've forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password you can use the Passphrase Reset Form on our website.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password here.

**the first convocation ceremony you are eligible for

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