Webmail Access for Students

As of October 3rd, by default, all new accounts are created with Webmail enabled but your RRU email account is forwarding all mail to your personal email account

As of October 19, 2023 webmail has now been enabled but we did not change your RRU email forwarding.

To access Webmail, login using your Office 365 Username (username@royalroads.ca) and password.

If you have multiple webmail accounts that use Microsoft Outlook Web App to access, then please see our special note below.

To Access Webmail:

  • The website is http://webmail.royalroads.ca

  • To access Webmail, login using your Office 365 Username (username@royalroads.ca) and password.

  • If email forwarding is ON (default for Students) then you will have no email in your inbox.  You can manage your email forwarding here.

  • You only have 200mb of email quota

  • You can check your quota on webmail by simply hovering your mouse over your name

  • For all email options, please check out our email summary page

Troubleshooting Access

I am not able to connect.  My work computer will not let me go to the website

Access to Webmail server can be restricted on some corporate networks like the DND or RCMP networks.  Please contact your local tech support for assistance

I have multiple Webmail accounts will this affect my login to the other accounts?

Unfortunately it does.

Our webmail site will automatically log you in when you go back to the site.  If this is a problem we recommend using one browser for your RRU email account and another browser for your other account.  This will make life simpler.

If you have already logged into your RRU email account and want to get back to your other account, you will need to clear your browser cache and restart your browser.

I cannot remember my password, because my browser saved it previously

The ability for the browser/computer to remember the password is both helpful and a curse because many of us forget the passwords since the browser/computer does all the work. 

Luckily you can get your browser to reveal the password rather then change it. Just do a Google search for "<browser name> Saved passwords" where <browser name> is the name of the browser you are using to log into Moodle. This will give you detailed instructions on how to reveal the saved passwords.

Once you find the password list, look for the password associated with your username. If there are different passwords, write them all down.

Once you have written them all down, go to Moodle - https://moodle.royalroads.ca/moodle and enter each password in manually till you find the one that works. (Please note that if your browser asks you if you want to save the password, do not hit yes, unless the password works and you are successfully logged in.)

Once you have a password that works, this password will now work on Webmail.

If that does not work, please give us a call, as we can help you find the right password.

I cannot reset my Webmail password

Please see the item above in case you might be able to confirm your password instead of resetting it.

Since your password is linked to your Academic Account/Moodle Credit, you must reset your Academic Account password on our site.  You cannot reset your password from the webmail site.

If you cannot remember your password you can reset your passphrase on our website at:

 In order to request a new passphrase you will need to know your student ID # and username (without the @). Your new passphrase will be sent automatically to your personal e-mail account. You should receive the email within 15 minutes of hitting submit. Please keep a close eye on your spam/junk mail folder as this email can frequently be classified as junk mail by many spam filters.

You must use your new passphrase for at least 24 hours before you change it. Once you are ready to change your passphrase you can do so on our website here:

If you don't know your student ID number, you will need to contact the registrar's office at 1-800-788-8028 x4862. The student number is also on all receipts your received from Royal Roads.

Please note: Sometimes company webmail might block these password reset email completely. (Especially government, law enforcement and military email servers). If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes of submitting the password reset request, please contact Computer Services (contact information below). We can usually simply “forward” the email to you, and that gets it past the filters.

Has my Email address changed?

The login to webmail is your Microsoft username and, although it looks like an email address, it is not an email address.  Your Login is username@royalroads.ca.  Your email address remains firstname.lastname@royalroads.ca.

I get the error "Your sign in was successful but you don't have permission to access this resource" or something similar.

Please Contact Computer Services to make sure you have an Office 365 account assigned to you.

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