Set up MFA using a Security Key - employees only

Hello IT

Cecilia has to re-do the instructions for setting up MFA using a security key. Please send her a note on Teams to let her know you’re waiting so that she can let you know when the page is ready.

If you’re reading this page, you are on Step 3 for everyone: set up a 2nd method on the RRU MFA enrollment for everyone page, which means you are logged into your profile at Microsoft and have opened the Security tab.

I MUST have authenticator set up, log into myprofile, delete authenticator, and then start down the road of adding as below


  • click + Add sign-in method

  • click the down arrow next to ‘Choose a method’

  • click on ‘Security key’


Click the Add button:


If you see this screen, click Next

I click Next and I’m apparently forced to set up Authenticator (or phone, I guess)

because when I click on ‘I want to set up a different method’, I get this:

but on one occasion, I didn’t get all of that, instead I fell into what seemed like a nice path.

Continue reading to see:




Click the USB device option

Get your key ready and be ready to plug it in when prompted, per instructions, then click Next

It’s working:


On this screen, hit Cancel on the yellowish section of the screen



Hit Next

I got this:

And then could not get past this screen by hitting ‘next’ repeatedly. I did not choose ‘use a different account’ because that is not what I’m trying to do.



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