Save Email You Want to Keep Before Your Academic Account Expires

Your Academic Account only exists while you are a student, after that it is deleted along with all your email in your RRU email account.  If you have forwarding on, this is not an issue, however if you have disabled forwarding and log into the RRU Webmail to read your RRU email, then you need to save the emails you want to keep before your account expires.

Here is a timeline for your Academic Account:

  • Approx. 2 weeks before your account is set to expire, a few e-mails are sent out warning you that your account will expire and you will need to remove anything you want to keep.
  • 14 Days after your degree has been conferred** the account is disabled. E-Mail forwarding is turned off and you lose all access to your RRU e-mail and personal folders as Moodle and Office 365.

**the date that your degree will be conferred will be provided to you upon completion of your program

Option 1 - Microsoft Outlook personal folder (PST)

If you also use Microsoft Outlook at home, then you can save all your RRU e-mail into a personal folder.  The simplest way is to do it is from on Campus. What you do is basically move all e-mail into a Personal Folder (PST) file. Then you take the file home and you can open it with your Outlook at home.

What you need:

  • Access to RRU campus
  • USB stick
  • MS Outlook application installed on your home computer
  • Some moderate computer skills
  • Instructions to create the PST folder can be found here.

If you are not able to come on campus, then it gets a little more complicated.

Option 2 - Download or POP your email to your home computer

Setup your home computer to /wiki/spaces/ITKNOW/pages/5834829 new messages from our server. It is very important to note that some times this option will only download a portion of the emails (usually only the last 3 days or weeks worth).  Please refer to the help files of your email application for instructions on how to download ALL emails.

What you need:

  • Email application that supports Active Sync or Exchange
  • Some moderate computer skills

Option 3 - Manually forward any email you want to keep

The easiest way to store emails you want to keep is to log into the RRU Webmail and forward these messages to your personal email account.  If you only have a few emails this is the fastest and best way to save the messages.

What you need:

All else fails?

There is no way to do this in Webmail.  Instead, please contact Computer Services by email and we can create the file for you and provide you with a link where you can download the PST file onto your home computer.

As always, Computer Services is here to help. Should you need further assistance, please contact Computer Services by phone, email or Online Request Form.

How to Contact the Computer Services Department

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